We are committed to being the leading Thai company moving forward to international markets, also having a strong commitment to create substantial new innovation and development. Moreover, always at all times adhering to moral ethics, for a sustainable future.


1. To develop the entire supply chain process, from  upstream manufacturers, through to the retailers, by focusing on logistics systems, warehouse management, transportation, and information technology tracking systems, for quick and accurate customer response.

2. To respond to customers’ needs, and create new innovation for products, services, and distribution channels.

3. To operate our business ethically with partners and customers, by building up  trustworthiness and companionship, for sustainable growth of our business. Also, honestly considering the benefits of all stakeholders.

4. To adhere to good corporate governance, by encouraging ethics and morality in business operations, along with including social and community responsibility.

5. To promote the Company’s resource development, for paving the way for developing business operations in international markets.