Customer Relations Center

              Besides product quality and sales promotion, service excellence is the key for a business to ensure customer satisfaction to entice them to keep coming back and to sustain their loyalty. For this reason, each and every opinion of our customers is essential for us.

               I.C.C. INTERNATIONAL PLC. is very mindful of the importance of building customer relationship. To satisfy customers, on both products and services, we established a “Customer Relations Center” as our channel to communicate with customers. It is also our mean to create corporate image and to provide accurate information. The operation of Customer Relations Center has enabled us to acknowledge our customers’ preferences and demands; in consequence, we are able to always develop better products and services, including marketing activities and distribution channels expansion, to meet their needs. 

               Customer Relations Center primarily focus on service quality. Our professionally trained personnel offer customers excellent service with up-to-date technology to achieve speed and effectiveness. Customer Relations Center’s personnel and operation system developments have always been The Company’s commitment. Also, to mainly meet our customers’ needs, the Customer Relations Center does not only answer questions, solve problems, or receive customer complaints, but also collecting information regarding to customers’ spending behaviors and demands.

               In addition, the Customer Relations Center is another channel of enquiry, where shareholders can ask questions or ask for advices pertaining to investment and The Company. 

               Should any customer has suggestion, complaint or comment, please contact Customer Relations Center at 0-2294-4999, or send a business reply mail (available at any of our retail counters nationwide) without stamp, or send an email to

               Customer Relations Center gather all customers’ enquiries, complements as well as complaints; and report directly to a team in charge of that particular issue. Our experienced team will handle and follow up with the case closely to ensure that every complaint get resolved in a timely manner. Furthermore, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys among the customers who made use of this service; so that we can provide our customers with more effective resolutions.