Part 1 Business Operation and Operating Results



1. Organizational structure and operation of the group of companies

2. Risk Management  

3. Business Sustainability Development

4. Management Discussion and Analysis

5. The Company’s General and other Significant Information

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Part 2 Corporate Governance



6. Corporate Governance Policy

7. Corporate Governance Structure and Significant Information Related
    to the Board of Directors, Subcommittees, Executives, Employees
    and Others  

8. Report on key operating results on corporate governance

9. Internal Control and Related Party Transactions

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Part 3 Financial Statements



– Report on the Company Board of Director’s Responsibility on
  the Financial Report

– Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report

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Attachment 1 Details of Directors, Executives, Controlling Persons, CFO
and the person supervising accounting and Company Secretary

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Attachment 2 Detail of the director of subsidiaries

Attachment 3 Details of the Heads of the Internal Auditor

Attachment 4 Assets Used in Business Operations and Details about
Property Appraisal Items

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Attachment 5 Policy on Corporate Governance
Charter of Subcommittees and Report of Subcommittees  

Attachment 5.1 Nomination Committee Report

Attachment 5.2 Remuneration Committee Report

Attachment 5.3 Risk Management Committee Report

Attachment 5.4 Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development
Committee Report  

Attachment 6 The Audit Committee Report   

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